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Safety of health care workers threatened by chemotherapy drugs

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recently reported the outcome of a study that included the participation of 40,000 nurses in a survey about their use of personal protective equipment when they administer chemotherapy medication. Authorities are now concerned about the significant number of health care workers, including some in California, who work with hazardous antineoplastic drugs without protective gear. These drugs are particularly hazardous to female nurses.

Potential assaults make health care workers vulnerable

Safety authorities say mental health facilities, emergency departments, long-term care facilities and some other medical areas are high-risk settings for workplace violence in California. Along with health care workers' risk exposure to radiation, toxic substances, infectious diseases and back injuries, the threats of assault and battery are ever-present. It is not uncommon for weapons to be found in psychiatric wards and emergency rooms.

National legislation introduced to protect health care workers

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, health care workers nationwide, including in California, are involved in almost as many workplace violence incidents that lead to serious injury as the combined number of such events in all other industries. Now, a federal bill to protect social service and health care workers by preventing workplace violence has been introduced. Under this legislation, OSHA will be mandated to establish national safety standards that will require employers in these industries to develop and implement comprehensive plans to prevent workplace violence before it can occur.

Health care workers' injuries can also harm patients

Patients in California hospitals will always be at risk of infections, medication errors and more. However, few people realize that the hazards faced by health care workers can ultimately harm the patients. Manual lifting forms a significant part of any caregiver's day, and the musculoskeletal injuries they suffer could put patients at risk of bruises, fractures and skin tears suffered from falls.

Does workers' compensation for health care workers cover stress?

It is a well-known fact that workers in California hospitals and other health care facilities typically have to deal with excessive workloads. However, it is not always recognized that such workloads cause not only physical injuries but also emotional stress. Safety authorities say work-related stress affects a higher percentage of health care workers than most other occupations. An often-asked question is whether workers' compensation for health care workers cover stress-related conditions.

Exposure to infectious diseases threaten many healthcare workers

Each occupation in California has its unique hazards that threaten the health and safety of employees. According to the safety authorities, healthcare workers are in one of the most dangerous fields of employment. Workers in this industry are all faced with significant risks of contracting infectious diseases, not only in hospitals but all healthcare environments, including outpatient facilities, emergency rooms, nursing homes, mental institutions, prisons, ambulances and more.

The hazards of health care work

Every occupation comes with risks and dangers. Surprisingly, health care workers face more safety hazards than most other professions. California employees in this industry are fortunate because they might be more protected than health care workers in most other states. However, they face such a range of hazards -- many of them unexpected -- that injuries remain prevalent.

Health care workers in various fields face multiple hazards

Some workers in California spend their lives caring for others, often putting their health and even their lives on the line. They are the health care workers in the various fields of this industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says hospital workers suffer more occupational illnesses and injuries than other high-risk occupations, with most injuries involving musculoskeletal disorders caused by lifting and moving patients and slip-and-fall accidents. Violence is said to be the primary hazard for those working in psychiatric hospitals.

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