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Prompt workers' compensation benefits can speed up recovery

Workers in all industries in California face occupational hazards, and they all need to recover from workplace injuries as soon as possible and return to work. Knowing that the state-regulated insurance system is there for them might provide comfort. However, not all workers' compensation benefits claims proceedings go smoothly. A Triple Crown-winning jockey recently reported the challenges he experienced in his dealings with the California workers' compensation system.

Workers' compensation benefits: Vocational rehabilitation

Workers who suffered debilitating workplace injuries might not be aware of their rights to vocational rehabilitation. As part of the workers' compensation benefits program, California workers who are unable to return to their regular jobs can request vocational rehabilitation anytime within 15 years after the injury date. The costs will be for the account of the employer's workers' compensation insurance provider.

What workers' compensation benefits can an injured worker expect?

Workplace injuries always come unexpected and bring with them unanticipated medical expenses and lost wages. California workers in all industries might find comfort in knowing that the state-regulated workers' compensation insurance program will provide financial assistance. All the medical expenses of an injured worker will be paid within three to seven days, and if the worker can return to work within that time, the workers' compensation benefits will cover medical expenses only.

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