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Sites must take precautions to prevent TBI from falling objects

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most common injuries construction workers receive. It’s one of the main reasons why sites require employees to wear hard hats -- to provide protection in case something goes wrong.

While many people associate a worker falling down or getting hit by debris as the most common forms of head injuries in the construction industry, there have been many instances where injury has been caused by someone misplacing their tools. Construction workers that frequently operate in high areas need a reminder of how crucial it is to take measures in preventing these types of accidents.

Negligence with a nail gun

An example of poor site maintenance can be seen in an ongoing construction lawsuit in Berkeley. In June 2018, a carpenter hung his nail gun on a hook that was directly above a construction worker operating more than three stories below him.

The nail gun fell off the hook and knocked off the worker’s hard hat, which sent him falling down to a concrete floor 10 feet below him. He became brain dead days later, resulting in his family deciding to take him off life support.

Cal/OSHA determined that the employers were liable for not installing proper safeguards to prevent falling objects or railings to stop the worker’s fall. The worker’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the employers and the worker who was using the nail gun.

Preparing for the worst

California requires that construction sites use canopies, guardrails and safety nets on project floors to avoid these types of accidents from happening. Even if a worker isn’t directly below another contractor, falling objects can ricochet off a surface and hit them in an area that lacks protection.

Unfortunately, many construction companies in California still fail to comply with safety regulations. If you or a loved one are hurt because an employer did not take proper precautions, contact a workers’ compensation attorney to see what can be done.

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