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January 2019 Archives

Potential assaults make health care workers vulnerable

Safety authorities say mental health facilities, emergency departments, long-term care facilities and some other medical areas are high-risk settings for workplace violence in California. Along with health care workers' risk exposure to radiation, toxic substances, infectious diseases and back injuries, the threats of assault and battery are ever-present. It is not uncommon for weapons to be found in psychiatric wards and emergency rooms.

Prompt workers' compensation benefits can speed up recovery

Workers in all industries in California face occupational hazards, and they all need to recover from workplace injuries as soon as possible and return to work. Knowing that the state-regulated insurance system is there for them might provide comfort. However, not all workers' compensation benefits claims proceedings go smoothly. A Triple Crown-winning jockey recently reported the challenges he experienced in his dealings with the California workers' compensation system.

Explosion causes serious workplace injuries at cannabis facility

With the rapid expansion in the marijuana industry, safety authorities have to establish safety standards to govern the cultivation and processing facilities. In the meantime, employers must comply with the general standards as prescribed by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health. Noncompliance by an employer led to citations issued by the safety agency after a June 2018 incident in which a worker suffered serious workplace injuries.

Machine guarding can limit robot-related workplace injuries

For workers in the manufacturing industry of California, having robotic co-workers is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Robots are used in many industrial facilities, and safety authorities have to establish new standards as technology advances and new safety hazards become evident. Some of the significant safety concerns when it comes to advanced automation are proper guarding and barriers.

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