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The hazards of health care work

Every occupation comes with risks and dangers. Surprisingly, health care workers face more safety hazards than most other professions. California employees in this industry are fortunate because they might be more protected than health care workers in most other states. However, they face such a range of hazards -- many of them unexpected -- that injuries remain prevalent.

Nursing is a physically demanding occupation that requires health care workers to spend almost all their work hours on their feet. The physical strain they endure includes lifting and moving patients, pushing wheelchairs and more. The fact that understaffing is prevalent in this industry increases the workload of the limited numbers of workers per shift. This also leads to excessive overtime demands on nurses who are already exposed to overexertion.

Further hazards that threaten the safety of health care workers include exposure to illnesses that are highly contagious, dangerous medical devices, flawed or malfunctioning equipment, radiation, and surgical smoke. While nurses can take precautions to protect themselves from these dangers, those they face when dealing with combative and hostile patients and their families are typically unanticipated. This could happen because patients have mental problems, or it could be due to reactions to medications.

Health care workers in California who are suffering the consequences of musculoskeletal injuries, exposure to hazardous hospital environments, assaults by hostile patients or other dangerous circumstances may file workers' compensation benefits claims. The benefits will pay for medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. Although the claims process could be challenging, an experienced workers' compensation attorney can assist with the administrative and legal steps in pursuit of maximum benefits.

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