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What can put construction workers at increased risk for falls?

Falls are among the harmful accidents that sometimes occur at construction sites. It is pretty common for construction workers to being doing work from heights. This includes things like roof work, working from scaffolding and working from ladders. Suffering falls when doing such work can expose construction workers to major harm. In 2016, falls to a lower level were behind over a third of construction worker deaths in the United States.

There are certain things that could increase the risk of these accidents occurring at construction sites. These include:

  • Workers not having proper fall protection equipment when working from heights: This can happen through workers not being provided the right equipment or workers being given equipment that isn’t in proper working order or isn’t the right fit for them.
  • Workers not getting proper training: This includes workers not being trained on working safely at heights and on the use and setup of safety equipment.
  • Work from heights not being properly planned: Lack of planning by employers could lead to important safety measures being missed and equipment (such as scaffolding) not being set up properly.

One would hope all companies in the construction industry would take appropriate action to make sure these sorts of added fall risks aren’t present when it comes to their construction projects. Unfortunately, construction workers can’t always count on getting the safe work environment they deserve. So, workers may want to keep a close eye on whether anything is off safety-wise when it comes to working from heights. When things seem off, it can be important to speak up.

Also, workers can’t always count on things going smoothly when it comes to getting workers’ comp benefits for injuries suffered in workplace falls. Workers’ compensation insurance carriers sometimes throw up barriers to workers getting the benefits they need and deserve. When challenges arise regarding workers’ comp claims, victims of construction falls may find it very helpful to have a skilled attorney’s support in the fight for their rights.

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