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Important people to talk to after an injury

One of the biggest mistakes California workers can make after an injury is not talking to the right people afterwards. Failure to discuss these matters with the correct contacts means your employer's insurance company can deny you the compensation you deserve. You might have to delay any preparations you were making for vacations or your child's college education as a result.

If you receive any serious injuries at work, you should contact these people as soon as you can so you can recover both physically and financially.

Your employer

Once you discover that you have a major injury, you should immediately report it to your boss. While you may be hesitant depending on the type of person your employer is, you need to do so to receive benefits as soon as you can or use in court against them if they do not give you any. In California, you have 30 days to inform your supervisor. If you do not do so in that time, you may lose the eligibility for your benefits.

A doctor

Regardless of the severity of your injury, you should receive medical assistance quickly and inform the doctor that the damage came from your job. Not only will it help you physically recover faster to get you back on your feet, but they can identify what you are suffering from to help clarify the amount of insurance you should be receiving. If you put this off, not only will you have to deal with the pain more, but you will also have a harder time proving that the damage came from your job to a California court.

An attorney

Even if it might seem like your employer and the company's insurance adjuster are giving you all that they can in the benefits package, do not blindly take it. The insurance adjuster's job is still to save the company as much money as they can, and they are not afraid to make accusations that could decrease your benefits or give you far less than you deserve.

You need to be prepared for any potential employee mistreatment, so you should contact an attorney who can help you receive workers' compensation to make living your life and raising your family in California easier after a serious injury.

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