Types Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

In California, workers' compensation provides funding for medical treatment, rehabilitation expenses and lost wages.

As you might think, benefits are awarded based on the type and severity of the injury. California uses a complex disability schedule to determine the amount and length of the award.

These are the benefit categories within the California workers' comp system:

  • Temporary partial disability applies to employees who are able to work, but not at the level they did before the injury. An employee's work might be limited until they are fully recovered.
  • Temporary total disability provides coverage for a limited amount of time while the employee is unable to work. The employee is presumed fit to return to work after eventual recovery.
  • Permanent partial disability covers employees who are permanently unable to work at their full earning capacity.
  • Permanent total disability covers employees who are permanently unable to be employed, due to disability.
  • Death benefits are awarded to an employee's surviving spouse or dependents. Death benefits typically are distributed as monthly or weekly benefits at a percentage of the employee's wages.

In some cases of permanent disability, it might make sense to negotiate a settlement. When working out a settlement, it is absolutely crucial to be represented by an experienced workers' compensation attorney who can calculate whether settlement offers are fair.

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