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At Auxilium Law Group, PLC, in Encino, California, we are passionate about helping you obtain the workers' compensation benefits you deserve for your illness or injuries.

Why Workers' Comp Exists

The purpose of the California workers' compensation system is to give people the resources they need to heal and get back to work.

Unfortunately, the system is largely controlled by insurance companies and employers, and the workers' needs often are neglected. That's why you need a smart, forceful lawyer who will protect your interests.

Attorney Whates is dedicated to helping workers get compensation that will improve their quality of life now and in the future.

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We Work With Illnesses And Injuries Of All Types

At Auxilium Law Group, PLC, we work with victims with all types of illnesses and injuries. This includes:

  • Illnesses caused by exposure to dangerous chemicals
  • Mental illness caused by stress and abuse
  • Repetitive-motion injuries
  • Injuries caused by accidents

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Get Answers To Your Questions

You probably do not have much knowledge about workers' comp. We can bring you up to speed.

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If you are suffering from a workplace illness or if you have been injured at work, it is crucial to have a fearless, experienced workers' comp lawyer on your side. Contact Auxilium Law Group, PLC, at 818-855-2330 for a free consultation. Our office is located in Encino, and we work with ill and injured workers throughout Southern California.