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You need a workers' comp lawyer who will fight hard for what you deserve.

California's workers' compensation system is supposed to help the ill and the injured. Its purpose is to give workers the resources they need to heal and get back to work.

But greedy insurance companies and uncaring employers have their hands on the wheel of the system. They will try to deny the benefits you desperately need.

At a time like this, you need a workers' comp lawyer who's tough enough and smart enough to be your hero. You need Todd Whates, a workers' comp lawyer who's unafraid to go toe-to-toe with the other side.

Contact Auxilium Law Group, PLC, for a free consultation.

Why Hire Us?

Why do people recommend Auxilium Law Group, PLC, to their co-workers, family and friends? Here are four reasons:

  • We get results. Attorney Todd Whates knows the opponents' playbook. For several years, attorney Whates represented California workers' compensation insurance companies. He knows the tricks the insurance companies use to deny coverage to injured workers. Attorney Whates uses his knowledge to beat the insurance companies and get the work comp benefits you deserve.
  • We work with victims with all types of injuries, including those caused by exposure to dangerous chemicals; mental illness caused by stress and abuse; repetitive motion injuries; and accident injuries.
  • We are responsive. We know your call or message is important. So we always respond promptly.
  • You will work with an attorney. At many large workers' comp law firms in the Los Angeles area, inexperienced non-attorney staffers are put in charge of clients' workers' compensation cases. That's not how we do things at Auxilium Law Group, PLC. You will work directly with attorney Whates throughout your case.

At Auxilium Law Group, PLC, we don't have a "back burner." We take every case seriously, and we do everything in our power to quickly get the workers' compensation benefits you deserve.

Get The Work Comp Benefits You Deserve

If you are suffering from a workplace illness or if you have been injured at work, it is crucial to have a fearless, experienced workers' comp lawyer on your side. Contact Auxilium Law Group, PLC, at 818-855-2330 for a free consultation. Our office is located in Encino, and we work with ill and injured workers throughout Southern California.

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